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Analogy Practical Strategy is a global consulting group that constructs and applies business and organizational strategies for its various customers. We’re here to help you deal with real challenges and take advantage of major opportunities.

Analogy is an expert in strategizing in-depth, precise and applicable work plans. We offer a designated and unique set of rules and indexes with which we can measure each and every plan’s success.

Together we can embolden your organization’s positive practices, and bring that index uptick to where it matters most.


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Analogy Practical Strategy is an Israeli pioneer, working endlessly at finding new transformative methods to apply business strategies.  Through close cooperation with our clients, we work to establish new processes; to provide new, positive and improved organizational cultures; to intensify growth and to build a real-life competitive advantage.

We do this with the help of a professional and experienced team of multi-disciplinarian experts that can interpret strategic approaches to internal methods. That will allow your organization to acquire efficient tools, to strengthen its capabilities, and to fully fulfil its vision – all the way to success.

Our Approach

We harness the power of change to create true and long-lasting value for your company, your employees, your clients, and everyone involved. We will be there for you right at square one, planning, setting goals, springing ideas and aspirations, and eventually finding a way to make it all come alive.

We Believe professionalism, experience, care and respect are the core aspects of good solutions.

We only work through profound, meaningful cooperation between people, and through a lasting, honest connection to your organizational processes.

Our Professionals

Asaf Nagel


Developer of research-based behavioral models for the academy, leading organizations and the business sector.

With an MA in Business Management, and an expertise in organizational development and human resources, he lectures on behavioral abilities, and is an experienced group facilitator, a personal and business coach, with an eye for public speaking and presentation.

Asaf believes in personal commitment to his clients, with professionalism, hard work and diligence as core values.

Prof. David Pasig

Head of Future Business Research Deparment

A future researcher specializing in technological, social and educational forecasting. Holder of a Ph.D. in Future Studies from the University of Minnesota and the author of bestsellers that won the Golden Book Award.

Serves at Bar Ilan University as the head of the major for communication technologies, as the head of the virtual reality laboratory and as a member of the National Council for Research and Development. In the past, he served as an advisor to the Commissioner for Future Generations in the Knesset.

The ability to identify future business trends is a rare ability reserved for the few. Implementing a strategy based on future trends and analyzing the forces surrounding the organization is a significant added value for organizations.

Oded Israeli, CPA

Head of Realization of Business Plans Department

Bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting, and is a certified accountant.

Previously, the chief accountant at Netafim and later as the head of planning and control department.

Expert in building business plans that assist in making decisions regarding processes / initiatives / projects / acquisitions.

Naama Shkolnik

Manager, Learning Plans Development

Manager, Learning Plans Development

MA in Organizational Consulting and Development.

Naama offers years of experience managing international projects, as well as in leading client-specific learning solutions. She believes putting emphasis on practicality in business environments necessarily leads to growth and organizational renewal.

Roni Natan

Media and Training Video Department Manager

An artist of photography and media, with a prolific eye for business and organizational processes all over the world. He is the man behind the scenes of “Organizational Docu” and other filmed managerial tools. Roni praises the immense power of the visual medium is an agent for change.

Yifat Bachar

HR Excellence Manager

MA in Human Resources, Vice CEO in several international companies. Yifat knows that in an ever-evolving world, human resources is the leading, most important cause for a business’ success: real excellence is achieved by allowing growth and positive personal experiences to both employees and managers.

Neta Li Ben Shachar

Manager, CBT

MA in Social Psychology.

Neta has extensive experience as a group facilitator – specificly treating work-related stress issues – and as a Li-CBT therapist.

After accompanying several industry-leading companies, her work now is focused on allowing business to utilize their ability by reducing workers’ stress.

Ganit Kepten.

Acting and Simulation Department Manager

Graduating the famous Israeli acting school “Beit Zvi” and the Bar Ilan University’s coaching program, Ganit not just an actress, acting teacher or and experienced organizational team leader: she’s also a true believer in the way drama and self-expression can facilitate positive effects.

Eitan Caspi

Branding Strategies and Brand Training Department Head

With a BA in Media and Political Science, he aptly constructs brand strategies to both local and international companies. Eitan is a storyteller through and through, who marvels in creating content that can work on both public and organizational levels.

His best work always emphasizes the creation of identity, meaning and value in the eyes of the costumer, necessitating a business brand that’s both loyal and cutting-edge.

Ayelet Shachar Shevach

Personal & Organizational Coaching

MA of Public Policy from TAU, BA in Education and Sociology from the Hebrew University.

Ayelet is a licensed organizational consultant and personal coach. She’s there for both individual and collective processes, tirelessly aiming for clarity and growth.

Yonatan Shoshan

Head of Organizational Therapy Department

BA in philosophy and physics, and a master’s degree in public policy.

Experienced in management, accompanying and developing organizational methods that deal with crisis and emergency events.

“Organizational Therapy” is a groundbreaking and innovative process, unique to Analogy, that manages to produce change in places where there are severe crises, and where a profound individual and organizational intervention is needed.

Daniel Burger

Organization Development
A movement for success

Master’s degree in organizational consulting and development.

Owns a studio for empowering women through fitness. An expert in accompanying people and organizations to positive thinking that yields growth and success. Believes in the implementation of organizational processes and integration in motion to promote renewed energy in employees to generate change.

Barak Brinker

VR Expert

Bezalel Academy of Art
and Design.

Barak Brinker is a contemporary artist, industrial photographer and VR visionary. His works centers around creating exciting content for a variety of public institutions and commercial
companies using the mediums of Aerial Photography (drones and helicopters), VR Photography and traditional Video and Stills Photography.

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